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Appendix C 1.1 Job Details

Figure C 1: Carriageways of duplicated highway

The sealed pavement consists of 2 traffic lanes of 3.7 m width plus a sealed 2.0 m shoulder on the left‑hand side.

The outside (left-hand) lane was rutted and also had some distressed areas. This has been patched and regulated with asphalt, about 12 months ago. The surface texture is uniform in appearance. It is too smooth for the sand patch test to determine a meaningful surface texture. A texture allowance, based on experience, of +0.1 L/m2 is considered appropriate.

The right-hand (median) lane is a seal of size 10 mm basalt aggregate. It is reasonably uniform in appearance and texture, although along the edges and between the wheelpaths the texture is slightly coarser, but not enough to warrant a correction treatment. Sand patch test results for the wheelpaths give an average surface texture of 1.5 mm.

The shoulder is a seal of size 7 mm basalt applied at some stage to prevent further loss of the original size 10 mm aggregate. It is uniform in appearance but has a very coarse texture. The sand patch test results give an average surface texture of about 2.4 mm.