Table of Contents

1.2 Use of this Guide

Specifications for sprayed sealing work describe what must be achieved, but they give little guidance on selection of treatments or how to achieve the desired outcome. The aims of this Guide are therefore to:

  • assist asset managers in the selection of the most effective use of sprayed seals; in this respect, it is complementary to the Guide to Pavement Technology Part 3: Pavement Surfacings (Austroads 2009a) and various Austroads/Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (APAA) Pavement Work Tips
  • provide a guide to complementary sources of information on conducting sprayed sealing work, understanding and interpretation of specifications and the conduct of contract audit and surveillance activity
  • provide a guide to the design of sprayed seals.

The Guide also provides a reference to students and others seeking an overview and general understanding of sprayed seal work.