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6.2.1 Basic Binder Application Rate (Bb)

The procedure for the determination of the basic binder application rate, Bb (L/m2), for the proposed seal is as follows:

  • Determine the design voids factor, VF as described above.
  • Determine the basic binder application rate, Bb, to the nearest 0.01 L/m2 by multiplying the VF by the ALD, as shown in Equation 6:
   Bb = VF x ALD (L/m²)6
 VF=design voids factor 
 ALD=average least dimension of aggregate 

For example: VF = 0.16 L/m2/mm and ALD = 5.8 mm

Bb = 0.16 x 5.8 = 0.928 = 0.93 L/m².