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3.4.6 Coloured Surface Treatment

Coloured surface treatments are used for delineation (Figure 3.15) and are applied either as a slurry of binder and fine aggregate, or by squeegeeing of specialty binders and application of synthetic aggregates using similar techniques to that described for high‑friction surface treatments.

Coloured surface coatings are proprietary products, and design and application guidance should be sought from the manufacturer. The sprayed seal design methods outlined in this Guide do not apply to coloured surface coatings.

Figure 3.15: Coloured surface treatment incorporating epoxy resin binder and synthetic aggregate

Source: Roadcor.

The highest levels of colour intensity, surface friction and durability are generally obtained by the use of synthetic aggregates and epoxy resin, methylmethacrylate or polyurethane modified binders. While similar in appearance to high‑friction surface treatments, it may not have the same skid resistance performance capabilities.