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Appendix A Photographic Examples of Pavement Preparation

Figure A 1: Examples of well-prepared granular pavements

  • Uniform texture and appearance.
  • Tops of aggregate clearly visible.
  • Hard, tight, dense surface.
  • Tops of aggregate clearly visible.

  • Hard, tight, uniform surface.
  • Tops of aggregate visible.
  • Hard, dense surface.
  • Uniform texture with aggregate visible.

Source: VicRoads (2014).

Figure A 2: Examples of marginal cases of prepared granular pavements



  • Hard and dense surface.
  • Some variability in surface texture/finish but mostly uniform.
  • Hard, tight surface. Aggregate visible.
  • Highly variable surface texture.



  • Aggregate visible and mostly uniform.
  • Windrow of excess fine particles swept from the surface resulting in bony and coarse surface finish.
  • Isolated lamination (adjacent to pen) and pockets of tearing of the surface.
  • Aggregate still visible with mostly uniform texture.

Source: VicRoads (2014).

Figure A 3: Examples of poorly prepared granular pavements

  • Slurrying of fines on the surface.
  • Non-uniform, soft uneven surface.
  • Not level with adjacent kerb and channel.
  • Scabbing and excess fines on the surface.
  • Non-uniform texture.

  • Tearing and delamination of surface after sweeping.
  • Non-uniform surface finish.
  • Non-uniform surface finish/texture.
  • Scabbing and tearing of the surface.
  • Uneven drying indicates non-homogenous material.

Source: VicRoads (2014).