Road Safety

Our road safety research aims to mitigate crash risks and knowledge gaps.

Latest publications and webinars

Effectiveness of Drink Driving Countermeasures: National Policy Framework
This report provides an Australian policy and regulatory framework to encourage effective reforms to reduce and prevent drink driving and riding. The key recommendations to reduce drink driving across Australia include: extending  a…
Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place for Vulnerable Road Users
The Movement and Place Framework is increasingly used to guide transport planning in delivering a more integrated transport system to improve customer outcomes and support a range of user groups. Work is already underway in some jurisdictions to…
National Road Safety Speed Enforcement Approach
  • AP-C108-20
  • 22 January 2020
  • Corporate Reports
These principles represent Australia’s strategic approach to managing enforcement of travel speeds on the nation’s roads. The principles form guidance and acknowledge jurisdictional variations in the development of policies,…

Austroads' Road Safety Task Force and their projects.

An overview of the Guide to Road Safety which examines road crash costs and road agencies’ duty of care to provide safe travel. 

A reference tool for road engineering practitioners outlining best-practice, low cost, high return road environment measures to achieve a reduction in road trauma.

An online tool that helps practitioners carry out road safety audits.