About Austroads

Austroads is the peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies.

Austroads members are collectively responsible for the management of over 900,000 kilometres of roads valued at more than $250 billion representing the single largest community asset in Australia and New Zealand.

Austroads’ purpose is to support our member organisations to deliver an improved Australasian road transport network. One that meets the future needs of the community, industry and economy. A road network that is safer for all users and provides vital and reliable connections to place and people. A network that uses resources wisely and is mindful of its impact on the environment.

To succeed in this task, we undertake leading-edge road and transport research which underpins our input to policy development and published guidance on the design, construction and management of the road network and its associated infrastructure.

Austroads owns Transport Certification Australia, which manages the National Telematics Framework and provides assurance in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies. We also administer the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS), a unique national system which enables road authorities to interact across state borders and directly supports the transport and automotive industries.

Austroads provides a collective approach that delivers value for money, encourages shared knowledge and drives consistency for road users.



  • Austroads conducts strategic research which helps road agencies address current and emerging issues.
  • Austroads publishes Guides to promote a nationally consistent approach to the design, maintenance and operation of road networks.
  • Austroads facilitates the sharing of knowledge by widely disseminating research outputs, conducting seminars, and promoting the use of Austroads work.
  • Austroads conducts business activities on behalf of Australasian road agencies.
  • Austroads fosters international collaboration by engaging with and supporting international road organisations.