World Road Association

The World Road Association is a non-profit organisation established in 1909 as the Permanent International Association of Road Congresses (PIARC). The Association’s broad aim over its more than 100-year history has been to promote international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge on issues relating to roads and road transport.

With more than 120 member countries, the World Road Association brings together governments from all over the globe. Its members represent all levels of economic development and every region in the world. In addition to national governments, the Association includes regional authorities, collective members, and individual members.

The work of the Association is undertaken by 17 Technical Committees and 5 Task Forces plus the Terminology and Roads Statistics Committees, which bring together technical experts from around the world.

Austroads currently has 24 full or corresponding representatives on the committees. The representatives provide regular progress reports on the work being conducted by their technical committee.

The technical committee representatives are either members of or have a close working relationship with an Austroads Task Force or Working Group.

The committees operate under four strategic themes.

Strategic Theme 1: Road Administration

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to encourage the development of policies and strategies that result in transport administrations that perform well, measure performance, and incorporate innovative financing mechanisms to meet the ever-changing needs of the road transportation community. It is intended to provide examples of good governance, performance management, evaluation methods, and showcase the efforts of transport administrations that consider and manage risk and incorporate knowledge transfer strategies between agencies operating at different levels of government.

Technical Committees

TC 1.1 Performance of Transport Administrations


Alan Colegate, MR WA (English speaking Secretary)

TC 1.2 Planning Road Infrastructure and Transport to Economic and Social Development

TC 1.3 Finance and Procurement

TC 1.4 Climate Change and Resilience of Road Network


Caroline Evans, Arcadis (Chair)
Louis Bettini, MR WA (English speaking Secretary)
Stuart Woods, NZTA (Full member)
Lucinda Hoffman, QLD DTMR (Corresponding member)

TC 1.5 Disaster Management


Neil Fisher, NZTA (Full member)

Task Forces

TF 1.1 Well-Prepared Projects

TF 1.2 HDM-4

Strategic Theme 2: Mobility

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to encourage the improvement of access and mobility provided to the travelling public and industry through efficient road network operation and integration with other transport modes.

Technical Committees

TC 2.1 Mobility in Urban Areas


Joshua Arbury, NZTA (Full member)
John Oppes, QLD DTMR (Corresponding member)

TC 2.2 Accessibility and Mobility in Rural Areas

TC 2.3 Freight


Christina Heffner, QLD DTMR (Corresponding Member)

TC 2.4 Road Network Operation/ITS


Clarissa Han, ARRB (Full member)
Matthew Hall, Vic DoT (Full member)
Marcus van der Velden, Arcadis (Corresponding member)

Task Forces

TF 2.1 New Mobility and its Impact on Road Infrastructure and Transport


Steve Penman, NZTA (Full member)

TF B.2 Automated Vehicles Challenges and Opportunities for Road Operators and Road Authorities


Matthew Hall, Vic DoT (Full member)
Dennis Walsh, QLD DTMR (Corresponding member)

Strategic Theme 3: Safety and Sustainability

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to improve the safety and efficiency of road transport, including the movement of people and goods on the network, while effectively and widely promulgating knowledge of all aspects of road safety and encouraging implementation of positive practices.

Technical Committees

TC 3.1 Road Safety


Fabian Marsh, NZTA (Full member)
Stephanie Davy, ARRB (Full member)
Andrew Burbridge, QLD DTMR (Corresponding member)

TC 3.2 Winter Service

TC 3.3 Asset Management


Jack Hansby, NZTA (Full member)
Ulysses Ai, ARRB (Full member)
David Jansen, Vic DoT (Corresponding member)

TC 3.4 Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport


Margaret Brownjohn, ARRB (Full member)

Task Force

TF 3.1 Road Infrastructure and Transport Security

Strategic Theme 4: Resilient Infrastructure

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to improve the quality and efficiency of road infrastructure through the effective management of assets in accordance with user expectations and government requirements.

Technical Committees

TC 4.1 Pavements


Didier Bodin, ARRB (Full member)
Richard Wix, ARRB (Corresponding member)
Arthur Apostolopoulos, Vic DoT (Corresponding member)

TC 4.2 Bridges


Dimitrios Polymenakos, Vic DoT (Corresponding member)

TC 4.3 Earthworks

TC 4.4 Tunnels


George Mavroyeni, AECOM (Full member)

Task Force

TF 4.1 Road Design Standards


Noel Dwyer, QLD DTMR (Corresponding member)

National Membership

Australia and New Zealand are both national members of the World Road Association. Each country is represented by a First Delegate on the Association’s Council which meets annually.

Austroads has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Road Association. The MOU recognises Austroads as the national committee for Australia and New Zealand. This makes Austroads responsible for:

  • Disseminating information provided by the association
  • Providing the association with Australian and New Zealand roads and road transport information
  • Identifying and supporting experts to participate in the activities of the technical committees and working groups
  • Contributing views and national reports related to World Road Association Activities
  • Promoting events such as seminars, hosting technical committee meetings or other World Road Association events in Australia and New Zealand
  • Promoting individual and organisational membership in Australia and New Zealand

Collective and Individual Membership

Collective and individual members can access special promotional offers and enjoy discounted publications. They also benefit from fee reductions when registering at key events hosted by the Association such as the World Road Congress, regional conferences and international seminars.

All members of the Association are entitled to:

  • Receive printed copies of the Routes/Roads magazine
  • Receive the Association’s electronic newsletter
  • Access additional Association publications and products free of charge
  • Access the members’ area of the Association’s website (including exclusive and regular updates on the technical committees’ activities and the database of the Association’s members and experts contact details)
  • Receive one copy of the published proceedings of each congress

Collective members can appoint two representatives to the World Road Congress and one representative to the International Winter Road Congress who will benefit from a reduced registration fee to attend, while individual members can benefit from a reduced registration fee to both the World Road Congress and the international Winter Road Congress.

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Individual Membership Form: Word PDF

Membership enquiries

Phone: +61 2 8265 3300