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Motorised Mobility Devices Discussion Paper
This discussion paper seeks stakeholder views on: options  for the adoption of Australian Standard’s Technical Specification for  Motorised Mobility Devices; and considerations  associated with a national…
Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
This report provides a picture of how a range of heavy vehicles use roads designated as Key Freight Routes. The project collected telematics data from heavy vehicles and found that telematics can provide a wide range of statistics that can help…
General Conditions of Contract for Construction - National Capital Works 4 (NCW4)
General Conditions of Contract for Construction - National Capital Works 4 (NCW4) has been developed for use in “construct only” contracts where the principal is a government or semi-government agency.
National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction (2019 Edition)
The National Prequalification System (NPS) delivers a harmonised framework for roadworks and bridgeworks construction contracts. Companies wishing to submit tenders to Australian road agencies for these contracts must be prequalified under the NPS.
Webinar: Development of a Sprayed Seal Binder Cracking Test
This webinar, presented on 8 August 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that developed a new sprayed seal binder cracking test and compared the performance of polymer modified binders (PMBs).
Opportunities in Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
Mobility as a Service, referred to as ‘MaaS’, represents the opportunity for all available public and private transport services to be integrated and bundled into a platform directly accessible by the individual travellers through their mobile…
Guide to Road Tunnels: Set
Easy access to all three parts of the Guide to Road Tunnels.
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 4: Retrofitting Tunnels
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 4 provides guidance on the retrofitting of existing tunnels, including the need for refurbishment, the types of refurbishment and processes for developing project requirements. Guidance is provided on geometric…
Case Studies of Critical Learnings in Network Operations, Congestion Management Relief Initiatives and Planned Activities
The 2016 Austroads Congestion and Reliability Review (AP-R534-16) measured the levels of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand, assessed the key causes of congestion, and proposed an approach to identifying and assessing…
Guide to Pavement Technology: Set
Easy access to all twenty parts of the Guide to Pavement Technology