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Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Facilities
Heavy vehicle rest areas (HVRAs) are provided to help heavy vehicle drivers manage fatigue and comply with driving hours regulation. To aid road managers in this task, Austroads has produced  Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest…
Passing Lanes: Safety and Performance
This report examines the impacts of passing lanes on safety, journey time and user experience and provides guidance to assist in the development of passing lane installation projects. The research found that passing lanes result in safety benefits,…
Embedding Safe System in the Guide to Traffic Management
This report provides the outcomes of a Safe System review of the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM). The AGTM is a series of documents providing guidance for practitioners involved in traffic engineering, road design and road safety, and…
Improving Driver Licensing Programs for Indigenous Road Users and Transitioning Learnings to Other User Groups
Lack of appropriate access to driver licensing services is a barrier to employment, economic participation and access to government and non-government services by Indigenous people and other road user groups. This project provides: • service design…
Webinar: C-ITS Compliance Assessment Framework for Australia and New Zealand
This webinar, presented on 11 December 2018, provides an overview of Austroads' assessment of options for the development of a C-ITS Compliance Assessment Framework in Australia and New Zealand.
Australia and New Zealand Vehicle Registration and Driver Licensing Overview 2017-18: A Transnational Survey of Laws, Procedures and Trends
This overview includes: an outline of the road safety imperative in Australia and New Zealand; a description of the key practices associated with the vehicle and driver licence pathways in the eight Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand; and a…
Webinar: Evaluation of the European C-ITS Platform including Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
This webinar, presented on 6 December 2018, provides an overview of Austroads’ evaluation of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis (ETSI TVRA) for the European C-ITS platform in the Australian…
Australasian Pedestrian Facility Selection Tool [V2.1]: User Guide
This user guide describes the operation and outputs of the Australasian Pedestrian Crossing Facility Selection Web Tool located at This guide describes the…
Webinar: Measuring and Reporting the Value of Road Maintenance and Renewal Works
This webinar, presented on 27 November 2018, provides an overview of a framework to help assess the value of maintenance and renewal works, consistent with capital investments.
Webinar: Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials
This webinar, presented on 22 November 2018, outlines the benefits of government working with industry and business to change delivery patterns by extending delivery hours.