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Effectiveness of Drink Driving Countermeasures: National Policy Framework
This report provides an Australian policy and regulatory framework to encourage effective reforms to reduce and prevent drink driving and riding. The key recommendations to reduce drink driving across Australia include: extending  a lower…
Webinar: Managing Sealed and Unsealed Local Roads
This webinar, presented on 17 February 2020, provides an overview of the life cycle management of local sealed and unsealed  roads. It highlights the Austroads Guides and the AUS-SPEC national local government specification system which assist local…
Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Electric Vehicles
This report identifies actions that road operators can take to support the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). It is intended to clarify the role of road operators and other government departments (e.g. energy, environment) in the areas that…
Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place for Vulnerable Road Users
The Movement and Place Framework is increasingly used to guide transport planning in delivering a more integrated transport system to improve customer outcomes and support a range of user groups. Work is already underway in some jurisdictions to…
Flash Point of Polymer Modified Binders
This test method sets out the procedure for the determination of the flash point of polymer modified binders (PMBs). This test method is applicable to PMBs used in the construction and maintenance of pavements (as specified in ATS 3110).
Mass Change or Loss on Heating of Polymer Modified Binders after Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO) Treatment
This test method sets out the procedure for the determination of mass change or loss on heating of a polymer modified binder (PMB) due to the effect of heat and air during rolling thin film oven (RTFO) treatment.
Protocol for Handling Modified Binders in Preparation for Laboratory Testing
This method complements AS/NZS 2341.21 by setting out the handling procedures for the testing of modified binders.
Austroads Test Methods and Specifications
This document provides a hyperlinked list of the Austroads Test Methods and Specifications.
National Road Safety Speed Enforcement Approach
These principles represent Australia’s strategic approach to managing enforcement of travel speeds on the nation’s roads. The principles form guidance and acknowledge jurisdictional variations in the development of policies, programs and…
Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance
This guidance is designed to provide contemporary best practice methods on the development and implementation road safety management frameworks suitable for use in a local government context. The type of roads managed by local government means that…