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Safety at Road Worksites Code of Practice 
Temporary Traffic Management Part 3: Approval Process and Additional Devices
Temporary Traffic Management Part 10: Example Layouts

Background: Managing the risks associated with providing the optimal level of safety for employees and contractors working in or near traffic, combined with the need to provide a safe road environment for road users, is a significant issue for road agencies and industry.

Road agencies and industry have a legislative requirement as an employer of construction, operational and maintenance services to provide a safe work environment and to manage the risks of working in or near traffic through the WHS Act 2011, regulation, training and roadwork activity planning.

Safety at road worksites has been identified as a strategically important issue by the Austroads Board and Austroads has created a strategic priority project 'Safety at Road Worksites' (Project BN2019) to address these issues.

Purpose: The purpose of project BN2019 is to provide guidance, supporting material and training which enhances the ability of road agencies and industry to meet these WHS requirements and to lead to improved safety outcomes at road worksites. Project BN2019 will also consider the development of registrations schemes for individuals and companies operating in temporary traffic management at road worksites.

As part of the project Austroads is developing a new Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management which will consist of 11 parts. Austroads has previously released contracts for the other 9 parts of the Code.


In this invitation to tender, Austroads is releasing two project briefs simultaneously seeking consultant assistance in developing the new Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management Practice

  • Part 3: Approval Process and Additional Devices
  • Part 10: Example Layouts.

Consultants are invited to submit for one or both of these projects. Submissions for each of the projects will be assessed independently in the first instance.

If a consultant wishes to submit for both projects, a separate submission is still required for each project. In this case, consultants are invited to include information in each submission outlining:

  • any project technical benefits that arise from undertaking multiple projects simultaneously
  • any financial benefit to Austroads that may be available should the consultant undertake multiple projects at the same time (as compared with the pricing for the three projects individually)
  • how the consultant will resource the simultaneous projects to ensure that the project time frames are met

Closing date: Thursday 29 November 2018, 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

Contact Details:

Project Manager: Dan Sullivan
P: 0423 782 189
E: dan.sullivan@solutionsintransport.com.au

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