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Safety at Road Worksites Module 3 Registration

Purpose: Safety at road worksites has been identified as a strategically important issue by the Austroads Board.
Managing the risks associated with providing the optimal level of safety for employees and contractors working in or near traffic, combined with the need to provide a safe road environment for road users is a significant issue for road agencies and industry. Austroads therefore created a strategic priority project - "Safety at Road Worksites" (Project BN2019) to address these issues.

The purpose of Project BN2019 is to provide a comprehensive framework to enhance the ability of road agencies and industry to meet these WHS requirements and to lead to improved safety outcomes at road. Project BN2019 has identified and is delivering four modules of work to support the role of all road infrastructure managing agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

The Phase 1 of the procurement for this module of the project is expected to produce the following deliverables working in coordination with the BN2019 project team:

  1. Preparation of an Expression of Interest document with a request for offer based on the functional requirements documented in the options analysis report. This task will include a review of the functional analysis to establish any improvements that can be made
  2. Evaluation, interview and shortlist of a number of preferred solution providers.
  3. Development of functional specification for the Phase 2 procurement with an estimate of the costs
  4. Business Case for presentation to the Austroads Board seeking funding support to proceed with the Phase 2 procurement.

The support required as part of Phase 2 of the procurement would be considered as an possible extension to the contract with the appointed IT specialist.

By lodging a response to this Tender, the Respondent acknowledges the Agreement Terms of Conditions with Austroads.

Closing Date: Thursday 28 February 2019, 5:00 pm (EDST)

Contact Details:
Project Manager: Dr Dan Sullivan
E: dan.sullivan@solutionsintransport.com.au
P: 0423782189

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