Our Programs

Austroads uses a program management approach to deliver the Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Austroads structures its work across the following programs and strategic priorities:

Assets Program | Extending the life and performance of infrastructure to ensure the effective and sustainable maintenance of the road network.

Network Program | Improving mobility on the road network.

Safety Program | Designing, building and managing road transport systems that will protect road users and reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries.

Connected and Automated Vehicles | Supporting deployment and optimising the benefits of CAV technologies.

NEVDIS | Enabling secure licence and vehicle information exchange.

The Programs are directed by a Program Manager. The Manager is responsible for developing and managing an annual work program and reporting to the Board. The Manager is assisted by a Program Coordinator.

The staff of member organisations play an integral role in Austroads operations. This encourages a collegiate, collaborative approach and facilitates learning, development, sharing and a high level of consistency across jurisdictions.

The Programs rely on task forces of experts from member organisations to deliver the work program. Task forces identify areas of interest and develop project proposals, oversee projects, promote the dissemination of results and provide a forum for the exchange of information between Austroads’ member and related organisations.

The Programs are also assisted by specialist working groups and committees.

Austoads program structure

Austroads Program Structure