Future Vehicles & Technology Program

Leveraging the benefits of emerging technologies while minimising risk

The demands on Australasian transport networks have never been higher than they are today, and they are growing as our populations and cities expand. We live in a society that is more mobile than ever before.  Rapid changes in technology are leading to disruptions in the way our road transport networks are used not seen since the first cars began to replace horses in the early 1900s. The development of connected, automated and electrically powered vehicles are set to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental footprint of the road transport sector.

The Austroads Future Vehicles & Technology Program is supporting our member organisations to deliver an improved road transport network that leverages the benefits of emerging technologies whilst minimising some of the risks inevitably faced during a period of such rapid change.

The vision of the Future Vehicles & Technology Program is that all employees of our members have an understanding of how future vehicles can be used to improve the capacity of their organisation to deliver services that improve the lives of the communities they serve.

The program values include being member centred, collaborative, big issue focused, evidence based and impartial.

The program is focused around four major themes:

  • Connected & Automated Vehicles
  • Digital & Physical Infrastructure
  • Low & Zero Emission Vehicles
  • Member Capability


Program Manager: John Wall 

Project Manager: David Yee