New Zealand and Australia face significant growth in the freight task in coming years. This growth will require better management of freight and more optimal use of all transport modes. Our Freight focus is on community attitudes, network utilisation, infrastructure investment, data and forecasting, and contributing to a national approach to regulation and compliance.

Latest publications and webinars

Investigation and Development of Bridge Formulae for Inclusion in the Performance-based Standards
The May 2018 National Transport Commission review of the Australian Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme revealed the need to improve the efficiency of heavy vehicle access via the PBS scheme to access substantial national freight productivity,…
Bridge Assessment Beyond the AS 5100 Deterministic Methodology
  • AP-R617-20
  • 13 March 2020
  • Research Reports
Bridge assessments to AS 5100 express safety as a binary (yes/no) measure. The management of bridges deemed unsafe using this deterministic method is outside the scope of the standard. From international practice, the most holistic approach that…
Webinar: Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
This webinar, presented on 3 October 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that analysed telematics data to explore how heavy vehicles use Key Freight Routes.

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