New Zealand and Australia face significant growth in the freight task in coming years. This growth will require better management of freight and more optimal use of all transport modes. Our Freight focus is on community attitudes, network utilisation, infrastructure investment, data and forecasting, and contributing to a national approach to regulation and compliance.

Latest publications and webinars

Webinar: Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
This webinar, presented on 3 October 2019, provides an overview of an Austroads project that analysed telematics data to explore how heavy vehicles use Key Freight Routes.
Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project
  • AP-R602-19
  • 15 August 2019
  • Research Reports
This report provides a picture of how a range of heavy vehicles use roads designated as Key Freight Routes. The project collected telematics data from heavy vehicles and found that telematics can provide a wide range of statistics that can help…
Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Facilities (Ed 1.1)
Heavy vehicle rest areas (HVRAs) are provided to help heavy vehicle drivers manage fatigue and comply with driving hours regulation. To aid road managers in this task, Austroads has produced  Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle…

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