Road Safety Engineering Toolkit

The Road Safety Engineering Toolkit is a reference tool for road engineering practitioners in state and local governments. It outlines best-practice, low cost, high return road environment measures to achieve a reduction in road trauma.

The Toolkit seeks to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes involving road environment factors. It draws together existing road safety engineering knowledge as far as possible into one Toolkit for easy access by practitioners. The presented knowledge has been updated with recent experience from local and state government agencies, and with the results of comprehensive road safety research reviews.

The information included in the Toolkit is based on extensive research into the effectiveness of crash countermeasures. Nonetheless, the Toolkit is not a replacement for sound engineering judgement or good design. In-depth investigation is required at locations which have a crash history or high crash risk to identify causes or potential causes of crashes. If necessary, seek professional advice from practitioners specialising in road safety engineering.

Note: the Toolkit was last updated in 2015. A project is underway to review Austroads' online road safety tools.