Road Safety Audit Toolkit

The Road Safety Audit (RSA) Toolkit is an online tool that assists practitioners to carry out road safety audits. It steps Users through the Austroads Road Safety Audit process (i.e. Feasibility stage, Preliminary design stage, Detail design stage, Pre-opening stage, Roadwork traffic scheme and Existing roads), provides Australasian and jurisdiction specific references, and allows auditors to generate road safety reports.

The Road Safety Audit Toolkit is based on the Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6A: Implementing Road Safety Audits. The Road Safety Audit Toolkit is not a replacement for a Road Safety Auditing course. Rather, it is a tool to assist in the comprehensive and efficient completion of road safety audits. The software is free for Australian and New Zealand road safety professionals (username and password required).

Note: the Toolkit was last updated in 2015. A project is underway to review Austroads' online road safety tools.