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6.3.1 Single/single Seals

Binder factors are typically applied to single/single seals as shown in Table 6.4.

Table 6.4: Binder factors for single/single seals

Treatment typeBinderBinder factor
Conventional sealC170, C240, C3201.0
Unmodified emulsion sealConventional emulsion (60%)1.0
High bitumen content emulsion (≥ 67%)1.1
Modified emulsion sealUser binder factors below for the PMB that has been emulsified
Aggregate retention (AR)S35E1.0
High stress seal (HSS1)S10E, S15E, S35E1.0
S20E, S45R, S15RF1.1
Strain alleviating membrane (SAM)S10E, S15E, S35E1.2
S20E, S45R, S15RF1.3
Strain alleviating membrane interlayer (SAMI)S25E, S18RF1.6