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3.3.8 Fibre Reinforced Seal (FRS)

A fibre reinforced seal (FRS) uses an emulsion PMB and chopped glass fibre as reinforcement. The process uses a purpose‑built sprayer or sprayer attachment (Figure 3.11) that, in a single pass:

  • sprays binder onto the pavement
  • cuts the required amount of fibreglass to length, generally 60 mm, and blows this onto the first layer of binder
  • sprays a second layer of binder over the cut fibres.

The bitumen and fibre layers are immediately covered with an aggregate which is locked into place using an aggregate scatter coat.

FRS can be used as a SAM or a SAMI treatment, and can be expected to have enhanced performance compared to those treatments used with a PMB alone.

Figure 3.11: Application of binder and fibre for fibre reinforced seal

Source: Fulton Hogan (2016).