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Appendix C 4.4 Binder

A C170 binder will be used for this seal. The binder factor (BF) is 1.0 (Table 6.5).

GRS seals are designed according to the conventional procedures, with allowances added for binder retention by the fabric.

A fabric with mass of 180 g/m2 will be suitable for use with the overlying 14 mm aggregate (Section 3.3.9).

Using the procedure outlined in Section 6.5.1, a binder retention allowance of 1.2 L/m2 has been selected. A bond coat application rate of 0.5 L/m2 will be used (Section 6.5.2), resulting in the remaining 0.7 L/m2 of the allowance being added to the first layer of the seal.