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6.1.3 Design Voids Factor

The design voids factor,VF, is now calculated by Equation 5:

   Design voids factor, VF = Vf + Va + Vt5
 Vf=basic voids factor
 Va=adjustment for aggregate shape
 Vt=adjustment for traffic effects

If adjustments for aggregate shape and traffic effects result in a reduction in the basic voids factor of 0.04 L/m2/mm or more, special consideration should be given to the suitability of the treatment and possible selection of alternative treatments.

Selection of an alternative type of treatment should be considered where the design voids factor is at, or close to, the minimum recommended value of 0.10 L/m2/mm. For example, use of a PMB to aid aggregate retention or a double/double seal to provide a more robust treatment.