Network Program

Improving mobility within the transport system

Congestion is an increasing concern for urban communities with rising economic, environmental and societal impacts. BITRE projections have the costs of metropolitan congestion rising strongly, to an estimated $30 billion by 2030.

The Network Program focuses on improving mobility on the road network and improving productivity and safety in meeting the freight task.

The transport of people and goods is essential to the economic and social development of the community. Substantial investment is made in road networks to facilitate this.

The development and management of the road network is faced with several challenges: continuing growth in vehicle ownership and usage; increasing traffic congestion in urban areas; trends toward larger (and more efficient) freight vehicles; continuing concern for safety improvements; and increasing concern about environmental impacts.

The central challenge is to address these often conflicting issues in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental objectives appropriately. The effective management of the road transport system is fundamental to making the best use of the existing road network.

The work of the Network Program is informed by two task forces:

Program Contacts

Network Program Manager: Richard Delplace

Network Program Coordinator: Judi Jarvis