Network Task Force and Projects

Network Task Force

The Network Task Force's objective is to improve the efficient, reliable and safe operation of the road network.

The transport of people and goods is essential to the economic and social development of the community. Substantial investment is made in road networks to facilitate this.

The development and management of the road network is faced with several challenges:

  • continuing growth in vehicle ownership and usage
  • increasing traffic congestion in urban areas
  • trends toward larger (and more efficient) freight vehicles
  • continuing concern for safety improvements
  • increasing concern about environmental impacts.

The central challenge is to address these often conflicting issues in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental objectives appropriately. The effective management of the road transport system is fundamental to making the best use of the existing road network.

The Network Task Force, which has representatives from state and territory road agencies, coordinates research that is working towards:

  • national ITS architecture and protocols
  • harmonisation of traffic system requirements
  • network operating planning for all modes
  • network operations performance measures
  • standardised information services for users
  • maintaining the Guide to Traffic Management.

Network Task Force Projects

Project Number Project NameProgramSub-programStatus
NEG6120 Building transport modelling management capability in Australasian road and transport agencies Network Network Task Force Active
NEG6019 National ITS architecture and framework (NIA/F) stage 3: national content and governance Network Network Task Force Active
BN2019 Safety at road worksites Network Network Task Force Active

Classifying, measuring and valuing the benefits of place on the transport system

Network Network Task Force Active
NTM6118 Updating Austroads pedestrian planning and design guidance in line with international good practice Network Traffic Management Working Group Active
NTM6100 Translating research into practice: advancing the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Network Traffic Management Working Group Active
NEG6208 Guidance and readability criteria for traffic sign recognition (TSR) systems reading electronic signs Network Network Task Force Active
NEG6207Guidance to support ITS investment decision making on motorways, freeways and arterialsNetworkNetwork Task ForceActive
NEG6206Network operation planning – case studies and capability buildingNetworkNetwork Task ForceActive
NEG6185Innovation and best practice in performance measurement and transport outcomesNetworkNetwork Task ForceActive
NTM6186Improved guidance on interrupted traffic flow theoryNetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive
NTM6187Effectiveness and implementation of raised safety platformNetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive
NTM6189Passing lane investigation: design, placement and safetyNetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive
NTM6195Trip generation rates for Australia and New ZealandNetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive

Opportunities to build capability in traffic management

NetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive
NTM6238Improved traffic management guidance – freeway capacity analysis and on road public transport priorityNetworkTraffic Management Working GroupActive

Program Contacts

The Network Task Force is part of the Austroads Network Program.

Program Manager: Richard Delplace

Program Coordinator: Judi Jarvis
Austroads | Level 9, 287 Elizabeth Street | Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 8265 3334