Connected and Automated Vehicles

Our Connected and Automated Vehicles projects are helping establish the regulatory and operational frameworks required to realise the benefits of this emerging technology.

Latest publications and webinars

Webinar: C-ITS Compliance Assessment Framework for Australia and New Zealand
This webinar, presented on 11 December 2018, provides an overview of Austroads' assessment of options for the development of a C-ITS Compliance Assessment Framework in Australia and New Zealand.
Webinar: Evaluation of the European C-ITS Platform including Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
This webinar, presented on 6 December 2018, provides an overview of Austroads’ evaluation of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis (ETSI TVRA) for the European C-ITS platform in the Australian…
Webinar: Connected and Automated Vehicles Open Data
  • WEB-R581-18
  • 13 November 2018
  • Webinars
This webinar, presented on 13 November 2018, outlines the strategic context on the supply of road operator data for connected and automated vehicles use in Australia, and the recommended next steps to navigate through this developing field.

Austroads' Connected and Automated Vehicles program is working closely with key government and industry stakeholders to establish the frameworks to support the introduction of vehicles with increased level of wireless connectivity and automated driving capability . 

Link to Austroads' Connected and Automated Vehicle projects.

This map indicates where connected and automated vehicle trials are taking place and are planned in Australia and New Zealand.


The Austroads research program runs from 2016-20, in line with the Strategic Plan. Current connected and automated vehicle projects include:

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