Future Vehicles and Technology Projects

Austroads' Future Vehicles and Technology Program is managed in line with the Austroads Strategic Plan.

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
FCA6138Integrating advanced driver assistance systems in driver educationCAVCAV Steering Committee Active
FPI6119Automated steering functionsCAVCAV Steering Committee Active
FDI6060Strategic direction for security in C-ITSCAVCAV Steering Committee Active
FDI6057Directions to C-ITS deploymentCAVCAV Steering Committee Active
FSP6088Infrastructure changes to support automated vehicles on rural and metropolitan highways and freewaysCAVCAV Steering Committee Active
FLZ6171Assessment of key road operator action to support electric vehiclesCAVCAV Steering CommitteeActive
FDI6216Road authority data for connected and automated vehicles (RADCAV)CAVCAV Steering CommitteeActive

Associated Projects & Initiatives

Austroads' Future Vehicles and Technology Program collaborates closely with a number of other programs and initiatives that are lead by other key government and industry stakeholders. These include: