Cover of Tools that Impact Network Performance: Dynamic Traffic Management Tools
Tools that Impact Network Performance: Dynamic Traffic Management Tools
  • Publication no: AP-R312-07
  • ISBN: 978-1-921329-19-7
  • Published: 1 October 2007
The objective of this report was to identify and document the findings, experiences and issues associated with the application of various dynamic traffic control systems available to road managers. The tools are used to maximise the effectiveness of the existing and established road network infrastructure in order to better manage an ever growing traffic congestion problem. The tools reviewed as part of this investigation included automatic incident detection (AID), adaptive traffic control (ATC), ramp metering, variable speed limits (VSL) and variable message signs (VMS). This report presents the findings from the review of the available literature and discussions with various experts and practitioners involved in the application of these tools. The common conclusions are that many of the tools have been around for a long time. The success of the application of the tool is very much dependent on how well it is tuned to the road environment in which it is applied. Algorithms are only as effective as the systems in place that are reviewing the results. The application of these tools requires a balance of opposing demands on the freeways and arterial roads. There is potential to increase the performance and effectiveness of some traffic management tools through the use of additional detectors. Wider application of such tools across the entire network could provide more benefits than single site treatments. Driver and community education is important in reducing confusion and gaining acceptance, leading to realisation of the full benefits of the tools. Enforcing the operations of the tools through appropriate compliance is essential in their application, to ensure that the controls are being followed.
  • AP-R312/07 Tools that Impact Network Performance: Dynamic Traffic Management Tools
    • 1.1. Project Brief
    • 1.2. Objectives
    • 3.1. Automatic Incident Detection
    • 3.2. Adaptive Traffic Control
    • 3.3. Ramp Metering
    • 3.4. Variable Speed Limits
    • 3.5. Variable Message Signs
    • 4.1. Automatic Incident Detection
    • 4.2. Adaptive Traffic Control
    • 4.3. Ramp Metering
    • 4.4. Variable Speed Limits
    • 4.5. Variable Message Signs
    • 4.6. Combination of Tools