Cover of Guide to Bridge Technology Part 4: Design Procurement and Concept Design
Guide to Bridge Technology Part 4: Design Procurement and Concept Design
  • Publication no: AGBT04-18
  • ISBN: 978-1-925451-97-9
  • Published: 19 February 2018
  • Edition: 2

Guide to Bridge Technology Part 4 provides guidance about effectively specifying and scoping contractual requirements for bridge design parameters, particularly for design/construct and similar contracts for bridge procurement. This guidance is important where the design standards require resolution by the agency/owner of many matters about design assumptions or dimensional/detailing information prior to the commencement of design. An action checklist identifying all the issues in AS 5100 is provided.

Edition 2.0 provides updated details and information on various sections, and removing overlapping information. Major changes include:

  • Section 2: Bridge Design Process Procurement Models | Updated information on project delivery modes and design procurement models.
  • Section 4: Considerations in the Design Process | Moved Section 5.1 to Section 4.1 Design Process.
  • Section 5: General Considerations | Added Section 5.4.2 Construction Loads, Section 5.5 Safety in Design, Section 5.11 Forces Resulting from Water Flow, and Section 5.15 Sustainability and Climate Change.
  • Section 6: Design Requirements | Updated information in Section 6.2 Earthquake to incorporate the revised AS 5100.2 provisions. Added Section 6.4 Collision Protection. Added Section 6.5 Special Studies to cover design methods and structural actions not specified in AS 5100.
  • Section 7: Environment | Added information on design considerations for debris in Section 7.1.1. Added Section 7.1.7 Urban Debris.
  • Section 10: Construction Considerations | Removed details overlapped with other parts.
  • Section 12: Design for Maintainability | Added requirements for access for future instrumentation/monitoring system in Section 12.2. Added requirements for access for maintenance works for different bridge components in Section 12.3. Added requirements for bearing replacement in Section 12.4.
  • Added Glossary.