Cover of Achieving Low Life Cycle Cost
Achieving Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Publication no: ABC2017-122-17
  • Published: 26 April 2017

Bridges, tunnels and other road structures are presently designed to achieve their design life requirement of 100 years. This may not necessarily lead to a cost-effective outcome and all asset owners are seeking the lowest whole of life cycle cost whilst achieving the required design life. Thus it is important that we choose a design option and suitable materials which lead to a low life cycle cost.

The following parameters are important in the assessment of the life cycle cost of a structure:

  • Long term performance of the structure
  • Material performance – short term and long-term
  • Resources necessary for periodic inspection and monitoring
  • Maintenance requirement over the life of the structure
  • Repair cost including replacing cost of minor elements of the structure
  • Community or society cost
  • Individual cost
  • Disposal cost

The benefits and value of such analysis for road agencies have been highlighted. Details of life cycle cost analysis are provided. In this paper improvements to existing life cycle cost models are proposed to provide an important tool for both designers and asset owners to choose a design option which provides a low life cycle cost and is also a sustainable solution.