Cover of Hendon Park Pedestrian Bridge: A Bridge for the Future
Hendon Park Pedestrian Bridge: A Bridge for the Future
  • Publication no: ABC-CAS103-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014
The Hendon Park Pedestrian Bridge will be a landmark feature of the NZ Transport Agency’s Waterview Connection project forming the final link of Auckland’s Western Ring Route. The bridge is designed to carry a 320 m long shared path over SH20 to provide connections into the cycle network and recreational facilities beside the motorway. The bridge will be 25 m high with a curved concrete deck suspended from a 100 m span steel arch.The elegance and simplicity of the structure belie the complexity of the design. This paper describes some unusual techniques used to turn creative vision into buildable structure. State-of-the-art parametric modelling technology was used to generate the bridge form from geometric and site constraints. Construction challenges include curved post-tensioned concrete approach spans cast integrally with diamond-section piers. Staged erection of the arch and main span will be coordinated with construction of the motorway below due for completion in 2017.The design honestly celebrates the structural form in a seamless integration of architecture and engineering. As part of the largest road infrastructure project in New Zealand the Well-Connected Alliance will enhance the local area with this stunning new landmark linking communities for generations to come.