Cover of The New Australian Standard AS 5100 Part 9: Timber Bridges
The New Australian Standard AS 5100 Part 9: Timber Bridges
  • Publication no: ABC-AUS203-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014

Timber bridges are enjoying a revival around the world for pedestrian and vehicular use. There are several reasons for this. Growing interest in reducing CO2 emissions and increasing sustainability has paved the way in part. New and innovative use of timber such as stress laminated timber decks, better connections and engineered materials have played an important role. The fact that concrete did not turn out to be as durable as first thought is another factor.\nTimber's high strength-to-weight ratio, environmental sustainability, ability to capture and store carbon, and aesthetic appeal, combined with the ease and speed of construction inherent in the off-site prefabrication methods used, make the modern timber bridge an option for the future.\nA new Australian Standard AS 5100.9, Design of Timber Bridges, has been written and is ready for public comment. This paper provides a summary of the content of the new standard. Centuries of experience in the use of timber for bridges coupled with extensive research over the past 25 years has provided the knowledge required to write this standard enabling the design and construction of safe, strong, durable and beautiful modern timber bridges