Cover of AS 5100.7 Bridge Assessment: 2014 Revision
AS 5100.7 Bridge Assessment: 2014 Revision
  • Publication no: ABC-AUS201-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014
The current 2004 revision of AS 5100.7 provides guidance on bridge rating which is the comparison of one assessment loading or vehicle to a code design load. The assessment loading or vehicle can be either a former code design load or a specific vehicle. The 2004 revision determined the rating based on a comparison of the ratio of the two loading using a line model. The proposed revision of the code has extended from bridge rating to bridge assessment, a comparison of load ratios, but also checks the structural adequacy of a bridge in accordance to the design methodology of the current code. There may be significant variances in the structural capacity of a member between design codes.The proposed revision of the code has been written with a methodology of how bridge assessment should be undertaken in a rigorous, structured engineering process. In addition to loading, the condition of the bridge is considered to determine the structural capacity of the bridge. The code provides guidance on Structural Health Monitoring or load testing of bridges to better understand the bridge behaviour and response. This revision represents a major advance in bridge assessment in this part of AS 5100.