Information for Manufacturers

World Manufacturer Identifiers (WMIs)

From January 1 2016, NEVDIS became the sole administrator of all WMIs issued to Australian vehicle manufacturers. The WMI forms the first three characters of the 17-character Vehicle Identifier Number (VIN).

The VIN provides a coded description of the vehicle including: manufacturer, year of production, place of production and vehicle characteristics.

WMIs are structured differently depending on the manufacturer’s volume. In Australia, less than 500 vehicles per annum is designated as a Low Volume Manufacturer and more than 500 vehicles is designated as High Volume.

The Australian Design Rules for vehicles mandates that VINs issued by Australian Vehicle Manufacturers need to conform to the following international standards:

  • ISO 3779: specifies the requirements for content and structure of a VIN
  • ISO 3780: specifies the requirements for a world-wide unique identifier for a vehicle manufacturer – the World Manufacturer ID (WMI).

Submitting Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for manufacturers

VINs are required to be submitted to NEVDIS by Australian vehicle manufacturers, according to Administrator’s Circular 0-3-9, issued by the Administrator of Vehicle Standards, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Frequently asked questions

Email to arrange the issue and registration of your WMI.
  • Complete the ‘Authorised Submitters Accreditation’ form in Administrator’s Circular 0-3-9 and supply a recent police certificate for a ‘National Criminal History Check’.
  • For enquiries about becoming an Accredited VIN Submitter, email


Manufacturers wishing to deal directly with NEVDIS must be an incorporated organisation (see attachment 3 of circular 0-3-9). This means that the manufacturer must have an ACN issued by ASIC.

If you do not have an ACN contact NEVDIS for a list of accredited VIN submission agents who may be able to assist.

Employees of manufacturers are accredited – not the organisation itself. If an organisation requires more than one person to be accredited, contact NEVDIS to obtain the accreditation documentation.