Road Tunnels Task Force and projects

Road Tunnels Task Force

The Road Tunnels Task Force consists of jurisdictional representatives from around Australia and New Zealand, and representatives of the Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS) and Australasian Tunnel Operators Group (ATOG).

The Task Force is responsible for considering all aspects of tunnel planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. It coordinates updates to the Guide to Road Tunnels and coordinates the development of technical research projects.

Road Tunnels Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
ART6122Dangerous goods in tunnels stage 2 – towards implementation of risk assessment processAssetsRoad Tunnels Task ForceActive
ART6011Use of a driving simulator as a safety-assured method of assessing and approving alternative in-tunnel aesthetic solutionsAssetsRoad Tunnels Task ForceActive
ART1971Guide to Road Tunnels – revision of Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels and Part 3: Operation and Maintenance, and new Part 4: Retrofit GuideAssetsRoad Tunnels Task ForceActive


The Road Tunnels Task Force is part of the Austroads Assets Program.

Assets Program Manager: Ross Guppy

Assets Program Coordinator: Liz Karas
Phone: +61 2 8265 3300