Webinar: Improving the Reliability of Heavy Vehicle Parameters to Support More Accurate Traffic Modelling in Australia and New Zealand

Date: Monday, 9 December 2019
Location: Online, 1:00pm AEDT
Organiser: Austroads
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This webinar will give you an overview of ways to more accurately model heavy vehicle movements during interrupted traffic flows in Australia and New Zealand.

A recent Austroads project identified the parameters that can be used in the SIDRA, LINSIG, VISSIM and AIMSUN models. The project focused on Austroads vehicle classes from 3 to 12 and four movement types, namely through, unopposed turn, restricted unopposed turn, and opposed turn. Five heavy vehicle types were monitored: rigid trucks, single articulated trucks, B-double trucks, double road trains and triple road trains.

The project involved a literature review, consultation workshops, video survey, powertrain analysis, parameter development, calibration and field check.

You will learn about:

  • background and results of the project
  • heavy vehicle characteristics relevant to intersection capacity such as length and width, clearance space, acceleration and deceleration
  • heavy vehicle parameter development for traffic modelling software - SIDRA, LINSIG, VISSIM and AIMSUN, based on video survey and calibration.

Join in a live Q&A with our presenter to have your questions answered.

Presented by Dr Young Li

Dr Young Li is the Senior Professional, Future Transport Systems at ARRB. Young has 5 years’ experience in traffic and transport engineering. He is involved in a number of traffic engineering studies on a broad range of topics including traffic operations, traffic flow theory and modelling.

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