Road Design Task Force and Projects

Road Design Task Force

The Road Design Task Force has representatives from Australian and New Zealand road agencies, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), Consult Australia and the ARRB Group.

Road design projects undertaken by road agencies range from minor improvements to small sections of existing roads, to restoration projects that improve road cross-sections while retaining existing alignments, to major greenfield design of arterial roads as part of significant regional or inter-regional development. At one extreme, the work may have no significant environmental or social impacts and involve minimal interaction with other agencies. At the other, the road authority may be but one player in a broad whole-of-government activity.

The Task Force considers all aspects of road design and is responsible for maintaining the Austroads Guide to Road Design.

Road Design Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
TP2056Review Guide to Road Design Part 6: Roadside Design, Safety and Barriers (clearzones)SafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive
SRD6108Road cross section design for road stereotypes - review of use in corridor safety planning, update research based on operational learningsSafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive
SRD6107Update to the Guide to Road Design Parts 1, 2 and 8 and minor updates to other partsSafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive
SRD6219Inclusion of recent road safety research in the Guide to Road Design – Phase 2SafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive
SRD6220Multiple small amendments to the Guide to Road Design for delivery efficiency and to accelerate guidance to practitionersSafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive
SRD6229Update of Guide to Road Design Part 5: Drainage - General and Hydrology Considerations (Australian Rainfall and Runoff Alignment)SafetyRoad Design Task ForceActive

Program Contacts

The Road Design Task Force is part of the Austroads Safety Program.

Safety Program Manager: David Bobbermen

Safety Program Coordinator: Leonie Pattinson
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Phone: +61 2 8265 3335