Traffic management

Cover of Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking
Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking
  • Publication no: AGTM11-17
  • ISBN: 978-1-925451-54-2
  • Published: 23 January 2017
  • Edition: 2

Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking is concerned with the parking management process. It provides guidance for planners and engineers to ensure that parking is provided in a safe and efficient manner and with due regard to considerations of access to and the impact on the wider road and transport system.

Part 11 presents guidelines for determining the demand for and supply of parking and it provides a parking policy framework – how the demand should be addressed. The implementation of on-street and off-street parking for all road users including parking controls in urban centres is addressed as is parking on rural roads and at park-and-ride facilities. Electronic parking guidance systems and signs are also described.

Edition 2.0 of the Guide includes the following updates.

  • Key principles of parking management have been set out at the front of the document in Section 2.
  • Section 3.3 expands on shared space together with Commentary C1.1 and Commentary C1.2.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has been included in both Section 6.3, Section 11.2 and Commentary 16.
  • Commentary 10 has been replaced by a new Section 7.7 Parking Control and Payment Technologies.
  • Commentary 7, Commentary 10, Commentary 14 and Commentary 15 have been reviewed.
  • Hybrid vehicles have been addressed in Section 7.7.
  • Risk and safety in Section 12 has been expanded.
  • Self driving vehicles are included under ITS as a new Section 6.3.
  • A section on best practice in permit parking management has been expanded into Section 8.10.4.