Road safety

Cover of Guide to Road Safety Part 2: Road Safety Strategy and Evaluation
Guide to Road Safety Part 2: Road Safety Strategy and Evaluation
  • Publication no: AGRS02-13
  • ISBN: 978-1-921991-62-2
  • Published: 22 February 2013
  • Edition: 2.1

Part 2 of the Austroads Guide to Road Safety is intended as a guide to the process of strategy development and evaluation. It outlines options for strategy development and the value of a ‘vision’ in driving strategy development. Strategies are of necessity collaborative enterprises, involving a range of stakeholders and partners. A number of information sources are necessary to define problems, including crash and hospital databases, and scientific studies of specific issues and general countermeasures which may affect a wide range of crash types. Countermeasure selection should depend on their proven effectiveness, likely benefits in relation to cost, public acceptability and the jurisdiction’s capacity to deliver them. Innovative measures should be closely evaluated. The value of setting targets is discussed, together with the appropriate performance indicators and analysis methods. Advice is provided regarding the implementation process and the essential contribution of monitoring and evaluation is explained.

Edition 2.1 updates the Guide format, no text changes were made.