Road safety

Cover of Guide to Road Safety Part 1: Road Safety Overview
Guide to Road Safety Part 1: Road Safety Overview
  • Publication no: AGRS01-06
  • ISBN: 1 921139 44 7
  • Published: 30 June 2006
  • Edition: 1
  • Superseded

This document is an overview of Austroads road safety publications, including those still in the preparation or planning stage. It commences with a discussion of road crash costs and road authorities’ duty of care to provide safe travel. The advantages and disadvantages of different ways of measuring road safety are discussed, and these methods are used to illustrate progress in road safety in Austroads’ member jurisdictions in recent years. The Safe System approach as a conceptual framework for road safety management is explained, along with the merits of an evidence-based approach to countermeasures. The report concludes with overviews of the Guide to Road Safety and of the Austroads Guides generally.