Webinar: Bituminous Binders and Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals: Guide to Pavement Technology Parts 4F and 4K
  • Publication no: WEB-AGPT-4F-4K
  • Published: 31 October 2018

This webinar, presented on 31 October 2018, provides an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Pavement Technology Parts 4F and 4K, and the significant advances in the areas of binder specifications and sprayed seal design.

It covers:

  • technical revisions to reflect current specifications, guidelines and best practice
  • outcomes of recent research
  • double/double seal design
  • initial deal design and additional available treatments
  • low volume seal design.

The webinar was presented by Dr Young Choi and Steve Patrick.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab after logging in.