Cover of Flash Point of Polymer Modified Binders
Flash Point of Polymer Modified Binders
  • Publication no: AGPT-T112-20
  • Published: 3 February 2020

This test method sets out the procedure for the determination of the flash point of polymer modified binders (PMBs). This test method is applicable to PMBs used in the construction and maintenance of pavements (as specified in ATS 3110).

The method is intended to indicate fire risk and the presence of volatile oils in PMBs. Minimum flash points are specified to minimise the risk of flammable vapours accumulating in the ullage space of transport and storage containers with consequent risk of explosion.

The flash point of a binder is determined by slowly heating the material in an open metal cup until a temperature is reached at which vapours on the surface of the material are ignited or ‘flash’ in the presence of a test flame.

  • 1. Commentary
    • 1.1 Preface
    • 1.2 Scope
    • 1.3 Further Development
    • 1.4 Safety Disclaimer
  • 2. References
  • 3. Apparatus
  • 4. Procedure
    • 4.1 Sample Preparation
    • 4.2 Determination of Flash Point
  • 5. Reporting
  • 6. Precision