Road cross-section design for road stereotypes – review of use in corridor safety planning, update research based on operational learnings

Project Number: SRD6108

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 9-07-2018
End: 10-03-2020

This project will document learnings from implementation of the road stereotype concept for Road Safety Plans. This will ensure that objectives of SSP2068 (to provide a usable methodology for safer, cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure network outcomes) are being achieved. This project will provide the first performance-based road design standards at a network or link level for Australia and New Zealand, instead of decisions being made on an independent, project-by-project basis. The outcome will be greater consistency of network infrastructure for drivers.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Webinar

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Safety [Road Design Task Force]