Security vulnerability of existing intelligent transportation systems and devices

Project Number: NEG6121

Status: Complete
Start: 1-08-2018
End: 22-07-2019

This project will review the current intelligent transport systems (ITS) used by state road and transport agencies. The project will review the effectiveness of current processes in controlling risks, and will suggest options for improving the security of ITS. The project will focus on ITS, the communication network and the devices used within the network, such as control centres and remote devices (traffic light controllers, CCTV, railway crossing signals and electronic signs), which are used increasingly to monitor and control road networks. The project will focus on ensuring the security of remote devices and networks to ensure the efficient operation of ITS and networks within and between states.

Proposed outputs: Internal report, Webinar

Consultants: JYW Consulting, Arcadis

Program: Network [Network Task Force]