Investigation and Development of Bridge Formulae for Inclusion in the Performance-Based Standards Network Classification Guidelines

Project Number: NEF6133

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 10-09-2018
End: 28-02-2020

.This project will deliver a methodology for considering the optimal community benefits of different vehicle freight-capacity limits. The methodology will consider revenue streams and service maintenance. It is expected that freight-carrying capacity will increase beyond current limits, and sometimes decisions are made on the basis of preserving current road assets even though it may be economically beneficial to tolerate additional wear and shorter asset lives, given the benefits of greater freight productivity. The project will first address how to consistently determine the trade-off between a route’s freight-carrying capacity and its cost to maintain; and then how to achieve an optimal sustainable pavement capacity and freight-demand environment for the greatest economic advantage.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Internal report, 2 Webinars (Members only / public)

Consultants: ARRB (QLD)

Program: Network [Freight Task Force]