Bridge Assessment Beyond AS5100 Deterministic Methodology

Project Number: ABT6111

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 3-09-2018
End: 27-01-2020

Current Bridge Assessment in Australia is required to comply with AS5100.7-2017 which is based on deterministic principles. The management of capacity deficient (by deterministic method) bridges are outside the scope of the standard and agencies are required to implement strategies to safely manage these bridges. Member agencies are managing this issue in different ways but the most holistic approach is to change the deterministic methodology to incorporate safety considerations via a probabilistic approach.

This project will examine whether the bridge assessment framework can be shifted from a design framework with principles and tenets aligned with a 100 year horizon to an operational/asset management framework, where required factors are scaled to acceptable safety levels. This approach has the potential to make bridge assessments more fit-for-purpose.

Proposed outputs: Guide or update to Guide, Research report

Consultants: Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University

Program: Assets [Bridge Task Force]