Heavy vehicle width study

Thursday, 6 June 2019

The Australian Trucking Association has raised some concerns about the scope of a current Austroads study into heavy vehicle widths.

The Austroads research is being undertaken to support national activities examining dimensional and safety issues for heavy vehicles.

Nick Koukoulas, Austroads Chief Executive says the current research is focused on the effects of increasing heavy vehicle width to 2.55m but will also make recommendations about future considerations of other dimensions and will help guide upcoming studies.

“The expert enquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities made recommendations about common standards for the width of refrigerated truck trailers. Similarly, the National Road Safety Action Plan identifies the minimisation of regulatory barriers to safer, cleaner heavy freight vehicles as a priority action.  Austroads’ research into heavy vehicle width dimensions is investigating opportunities to support both objectives,” Mr. Koukoulas said.

“Austroads shares the Australian Trucking Association’s desire to ensure all aspects of this complex area are considered and is working with government and industry to provide timely input into key issues.”

“We are looking forward to further engaging with the ATA and the broader transport industry about important regulatory opportunities that could impact the safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle industry,” Mr Koukoulas said.

Austroads project NEF6116 Exploration of heavy freight vehicle dimensions: productivity, safety and other considerations is due to be completed by the end of the year.

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