Drivers Visiting Australia or New Zealand

Visiting Drivers in New Zealand

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Visiting Drivers in Australia

Overseas drivers visiting Australia, who do not hold a permanent visa, will be regarded as 'visiting drivers' and can use their valid overseas licence to drive.

Most Australian states and territories (the exception being the Northern Territory) allow visiting drivers to drive indefinitely on their overseas licence as long as it is current. It is only when there is a change in visa/citizenship status or the overseas licence expires that an overseas driver is required to take out an Australian issued driver licence. In the Northern Territory a person is required to obtain a Northern Territory issued driver's licence after three months or apply to be granted an exemption from holding a local licence if they wish to continue to drive.

It is important to remember that visiting drivers can only drive vehicles which their overseas licence authorises them to drive and they must drive according to any conditions on their overseas licence.

While driving in Australia a visiting driver must carry their overseas licence with them at all times together with either an international driving permit OR an English translation if the overseas licence is not written in English.

If your overseas licence ceases to be valid, you may be eligible to apply for an Australian licence.

For more details about driving in Australia, contact the relevant Australian road agency.
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