Country Recognition in Australia

Countries may apply for recognition of their driving licences which will enable their citizens to obtain an Australian licence without undertaking additional practical or theoretical tests.

Recognition is undertaken on a national basis by Austroads.

Applications need to be submitted to Austroads from the head of your country's agency responsible for driver licence administration.

Criteria for Assessment

A number of key components make up driver licensing regimes in Australia. These components are considered essential to licensing arrangements in Australia and are used as a guide to assess your application. To determine eligibility for licence recognition, the assessment process will look for minimum comparable standards to those adopted by Australia in the following five criteria.

1.  Licensing Systems

  • Minimum learner driver period
  • Supervision by drivers who hold an unrestricted driver's licence
  • Licence conditions or restrictions imposed on novice drivers

2. Testing Regime (elements of driving tests)

All Australian jurisdictions include the following basic elements in a practical driving test:

  • pre-drive check (mirrors, signalling, indicators, horn, seatbelt etc.)
  • lane changes
  • approach
  • position stop
  • judgement
  • turning manoeuvres
  • progress and position on road
  • car control
  • safety margin
  • low speed manoeuvres (reverse parking, angle park, point to point reverse, three point turn).

The minimum drive test duration is 20 minutes.

3. Evidence of Identity (EOI) Requirements

Australia has developed a national Administrative Guideline for assessing EOI. A copy of the Guideline is included with the application form.

4. Driver Licence Card

A driver licence document must contain a photo of the licensed driver or there must be some other official government issued identity document which contains a photo which is issued to all citizens. Security features of the driver licence card will also be assessed.

5. Licence Examiners

Formal training and performance monitoring of examiners to ensure that consistent driver testing practices are maintained to acceptable levels.

Applying for Recognition

To apply for recognition an electronic and hard copy of the following documents are required:

  • Application form
  • Sample licence document of each class/category issued by your country.
  • Sample/s of test papers and score sheets (theory and practical) used by your agency to assess driver competence.

The information provided in your application must be true and correct. If at a later date the assessment panel discovers that the information is false, the recognition may be withdrawn.

Only full and complete applications will be considered.

While your application will be assessed by Austroads, the individual State and Territory licensing authorities of Australia retain responsibility for providing recognition. It should be noted that each of these authorities is committed to being consistent in recognising countries approved by Austroads.

Electronic copies of the completed application form and sample documents must be emailed to

A hard copy of all documents must also be posted to:
Leonie Pattinson
Registration and Licensing Program Coordinator
Level 9, 287 Elizabeth Street
SYDNEY NSW 2000 Australia