Asset Management

Our assets management projects are integrating customer defined levels of service into practice, quantifying wear under increased loads, providing guidance on all assets, improving intervention strategies and harmonising standards.

Latest publications and webinars

Webinar: Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets
This webinar, presented on 11 September 2018, provides an overview of Austroads’ Guideline for Minimum Levels of Componentisation for Road Infrastructure Assets, and how to apply it.
Harmonisation of Pavement Markings and National Pavement Marking Specification
This report documents a project undertaken to achieve national harmonisation through the development of national performance specification/criteria for pavement markings. The project investigated: longitudinal and transverse linemarking types and…
Design of Buried Flexible Pipes
  • AP-R575-18
  • 10 August 2018
  • Research Reports
The standard, AS/NZS 2566.1 (1998): Buried Flexible Pipes: Structural Design, provided a significant step forward when it was first introduced in that it covered competing flexible pipe products and materials, and included them all in a single…

Austroads' Assets Task Force and their projects.

Austroads’ Guide to Asset Management provides guidance to road agencies on the application of contemporary ‘whole of organisation’ asset management practice to road networks. 

A detailed overview of Austroads' project to establish a harmonised road asset data standard for use in Australia and New Zealand.