Safety Barrier Assessment Panel

The Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (the Panel) implements the Duty of Care requirement for Australian/New Zealand Road Agencies to assess the crashworthiness and suitability of road safety barriers, systems and devices for deployment on roads under their care and control; providing agencies with recommendations on product use. The Panel provides recommendations to participating road agencies, removing the need for each jurisdiction to individually assess products.

The Panel uses a structured system to assess products proposed for deployment in Australia and New Zealand. Products are evaluated in accordance with AS/NZS 3845 in relation to testing protocols and other information, the Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice published by Safe Work Australia, and the Safety in Design requirements of the Work Health and Safety Acts enacted by Australian State Governments. The assessment process streamlines operations for road agencies and ensures they meet their due diligence obligations.

The Panel may re-assess a product and withdraw or modify acceptance recommendations and technical conditions for use at any time.

The strength of the Panel assessment process is the rigour of systematic joint decisions. For this reason, out-of-session recommendations will not be made between Panel meetings.

From time to time the Panel may also issue Technical Advice notes which are designed to assist safety barrier system designers, installers and managers to ensure that such systems are deployed safely and effectively.

Given the commercial sensitivity of product information, meetings are not open to those outside the participating jurisdictions.

Panel Objectives

  • Provide the best outcomes for community as well as customers and stakeholders.
  • Support the achievement of Towards Zero (Safe System).
  • Harmonisation of products across Australia and New Zealand which are available to individual road agencies recognising individual nature and local autonomy.
  • Challenge and question the information provided to the Panel.
  • Oversee the implementation and continued operation of safety barrier system installation accreditation processes.
  • Minimise “red tape” for proponents.
  • Consider whole of life and operational practices associated with road safety barrier systems and road safety devices.
  • Recognise the importance of the Safe System principles in the performance of road safety barrier systems and road safety devices.

2020 Meeting Schedule

25-28 February 2020
26-28 May 2020
25-27 August 2020
24-26 November 2020

Note:  dates are subject to change, please contact the ASBAP Secretariat for confirmation.