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Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Roads and Refinement of Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index
Following on from previous work, the purpose of this project was to complete an investigation of subjective ratings of ride quality of A, B and C roads in Victoria while driving a passenger car and a range of heavy vehicles.
Webinar: Connected and Automated Vehicles Open Data
This webinar, presented on 13 November 2018, outlines the strategic context on the supply of road operator data for connected and automated vehicles use in Australia, and the recommended next steps to navigate through this developing field.
Webinar: Suggested Good Practice for Road Tunnel Emergency Egress Signage
This webinar, presented on 9 November 2018, provides an overview of an Austroads study to develop suggested good practice for a consistent, efficient and safe approach to emergency egress signage within Australasian road tunnels.
Flexural Beam Test Methods for Cemented Materials
This test method describes the methods for the determination of the flexural modulus, strength and fatigue characteristics of laboratory‑manufactured cemented materials using four point bending techniques.
Measuring and Reporting the Value of Road Maintenance and Renewal Works
There is an increasing need to demonstrate the value for money for all types of expenditure as governments are facing growing budgetary pressure. While there are established economic evaluation frameworks for evaluating transport capital projects, a…
Webinar: Bituminous Binders and Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals: Guide to Pavement Technology Parts 4F and 4K
This webinar, presented on 31 October 2018, provides an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Pavement Technology Parts 4F and 4K, and the significant advances in the areas of binder specifications and sprayed seal design.
C-ITS Compliance Assessment Framework for Australia and New Zealand
This report on a compliance assessment framework (CAF) for cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) covers the key findings from a literature review and stakeholder consultations and describes the main…
Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials
The purpose of Austroads project NEF2095 ‘Establishing Extended Hours Delivery Trials’ is to prepare, engage, implement and evaluate trials of freight deliveries in urban areas in off-peak periods. The trials were set up using the…
Webinar: Implications of Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Systems for Road Operators
This webinar, presented on 23 October 2018, provides an overview of an Austroads study into Traffic Sign Recognition Systems in Australia and New Zealand.
Austroads Data Standard: Knowledge Sharing Framework
To support ongoing data harmonisation objectives, work has been completed to understand the knowledge sharing business requirements, gaps in people (capability), technology, processes and data; and where tools or existing artefacts may be available…