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Webinar: National View on Regional and Remote Road Safety
This webinar, presented on 1 October 2019, provides an overview of the causes and contributing factors behind road crashes in regional and remote areas, and strategic guidance to identify the best approaches to eliminate harm.
Webinar: Embedding Safe System in the Guide to Traffic Management
This webinar, presented on 7 February 2019, provides an overview of a Safe System review of the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM).
Webinar: Best Practice in Road Safety Infrastructure Programs
This webinar, presented on 15 May 2018, provides best practice recommendations for the development of Road Safety Infrastructure Programs (RSIPs) that align with the safe system approach.
Webinar: Towards Safe System Infrastructure
This webinar, presented on 10 May 2018, provides an overview of the new Austroads compendium of knowledge on Safe System treatments and real world experience in the practical application of solutions that can mitigate crash severity. It outlines…
Webinar: Safe System Infrastructure on Mixed Use Arterials
This webinar, presented on 8 February 2018, outlines ways to improve safety and achieve Safe System outcomes on mixed use arterial roads. The webinar was presented by Dr Blair Turner and Kenn Beer. The presentation slides and Q+A can be downloaded…