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Performance Requirements for Bitumen Sprayers
  • AP-T262-19 Edition: 2.0
  • 12 Sep 2019
  • Pavement

This document sets out the performance requirements expected of bitumen sprayers operating in Australia and New Zealand.

For a consistent and high quality of sprayed sealing work to be undertaken, and for sprayed sealing to remain a viable surfacing…

Properties of General-purpose Cement with Increased Percentages of Limestone
This report presents the results of a research project commissioned by Austroads to investigate whether the currently used Australian general-purpose (GP) cement which complies with AS 3972, and which may contain up to 7.5% limestone as a mineral…
Performance of Asphalt and Spray Grade PMBs in Sprayed Seals
The Australian polymer modified binder (PMB) specification (AGPT/T190) currently requires different binder grades to be used in sprayed sealing and asphalt applications. This study compared the sprayed seal performance of PMBs representing four AGPT/…
Relationships Between Cutter Oil Properties and Sprayed Seal Performance
This study investigated the relationship between cutter oil properties and sprayed seal performance so that this information could be used as a basis for updating Australian Standard 3568. AS 3568 specifies the properties of four different types of…
Fire Incident and Fire Safety Operational Data for Major Australian Road Tunnels
This report sets out the process though which fire incident and fire safety operational information was collected for eleven major road tunnels in Australia. This tunnel data set are the major tunnels in Australia as defined by physical…
Deformation Performance of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements Under Full-scale Accelerated Loading
This report details the first phase of Austroads project TT2046 Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements which evaluated the deformation performance of foamed bitumen stabilised materials
Revised Priority Harmonisation Subsets (PHS) and Metrics for Data Standard for Road Maintenance and Investment
The Priority Harmonisation Subset (PHS) of the Data Standard was developed to promote the realisation of benefits from comparative road network performance reporting and data items considered to be a priority for effective asset and maintenance…
Long-term Pavement Performance Study: Final Report
This report summarises the outputs and benefits of the long‑term pavement performance (LTPP) study which ran from 1994 to 2018 and was funded by Austroads. The study had four primary objectives: to enhance road asset management strategies…
Level of Service Requirements for Freight on Rural Roads and Refinement of Heavy Vehicle Roughness Band Index
Following on from previous work, the purpose of this project was to complete an investigation of subjective ratings of ride quality of A, B and C roads in Victoria while driving a passenger car and a range of heavy vehicles.
Austroads Data Standard: Knowledge Sharing Framework
To support ongoing data harmonisation objectives, work has been completed to understand the knowledge sharing business requirements, gaps in people (capability), technology, processes and data; and where tools or existing artefacts may be available…